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To our friends, our fans and music lovers from everywhere; this is Saskia & Darrel's new website, with a new band name, and a new attitude about our music, who we are, and what we do.

We have made so many friends and fans over the last ten years, sweet people who loyally buy our latest cd's, who follow us online, and pay money to come to our shows, that we feel a huge responsibility to them. And indeed; without you believing in us, we wouldn't be playing music at all.

So our new outlook on our music is this; we are simply going to write, record, and perform the very best music we possibly can, for you; the people whom we love and like and to whom we are responsible.

"The Great Plains" is merely a name; something to appease the trending styles dictated by the music industry, festival producers, and venue hosts. We're still the same old Saskia & Darrel.

We wish for everyone a great new year and if our music touches your heart and soul in some way; then we are doing our job!

Thank you for sharing some time with us. Gratefully yours, Saskia and Darrel.

Holy Ground

Hello to our fans who have been following and supporting our musical trail these past 16 years.
Our newest CD Holy Ground is here. This album was made for you (our fans) by request.
Holy Ground is a hodge-podge of different material; songs chosen from our ten of previous records, some old-time classic cover tunes plus a few new exciting numbers we have been working on for the last while.
Something old, something new, some songs borrowed and some blues.
All of these have been picked for the same theme; a spiritual background and a grateful devotion to a Higher Power that guards the path of crazy musicians who spend their lives out on the highways and byways of life.
With all the trials and tribulations out there on the road,
any place that offers you sanctuary and shelter from the storms is indeed Holy Ground.

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Holy Ground- The Great Plains

Holy Ground

The Great Plains
Darrel Delaronde
and Saskia

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